Timber had 1 blue merle male, 2 blue merle girls, 3 black tri males on Sat, June 13, 2020.

merle girl reserved by Matt & Emily

keeping other merle girl

Black tri male reserved by Russ & Kristen

Blue merle male reserved by Patrica

Black tri male reserved by Isabela

tiny tri male reserved by Terri & Robert







We have a black tri male, 4 months old available. He is a tiny toy. Mature in the 10" range. Full rights.

born Aug 7,2019. Due to his small size, Spencer would do better in a home without small children. I bought him for our program, but he is too small. Would be great addition for someone wanting tiny ones, or great pet. Loves dogs and cats. Championsired. Placed in his new home.





Bambi had a blue merle male and a black tri female puppy on Nov 15, 2019.

  merle spoken for by Christina and family. Will join Bruno, from us.

 Bambis blue eyed girl, available loved by Sharon, her 3rd.

Liza had a black tri female on Nov 15, 2019.   taken by Kohl, third from us.

2 blue eyes on her






International Champion Liza had 2 puppies on Jan 3, 2019. A red tri male and a black tri female

 Male puppy reserved by Kay and Mark and Diego. he will keep his tail.

Black tri girl looks like another tiny one., maturing about 9 pounds.

one blue eye. reserved



Ruby had one red tri female on Dec 28. Lots of white on face and legs, half collar.,

dark red. spoken for by Kathy, her second puppy from us