These pages are about the horrible way pet shops get their
puppies from mass 'breeders'.  If you are squeamish, this might
upset you, but the truth has to be told.  People must know about
We all see them, noses against the glass, eyes looking for some
one to take them home.  The faces are so cute, that normal people
might make the decision to buy one.  Many high vet bills later, they
have realized their mistake.
Many people, unfortunately, have no idea what goes on behind
the scene.  Buying one of the puppies fuels the puppy mill business.
This sentences more dogs to live in misery.  For the sake of these
defenselless dogs, please read information before considering
buying a pet store puppy.
   Here are some pics of where they come from  
                                                          BEFORE  I DIE  by Jim Willis 2002

                  'Tis lonely here in prison,
                   I dream of sun and fields,
                   I saw them  from a window once,
                   but I don't know how they feel.

                   I've never known a caress,
                   a friend, a bone, a toy,
                   I'd happily companion
                   a human girl or boy.

                   But some men have decided,
                     with selfishness and greed,
                   that my fate shall be in a cage,
                   and for my keep, I'll breed.

                   What should fuel this folly?
                     My kind shall bark in vain.
                     We care not for your commerce,
                       and few know of our pain.

                     We're hidden well from justice,
                     for our freedom some may cry.
                     God grant me please, just one request
                     Let my play once before I die.

photos from puppy mills




   she died a few feet from her prison

                                                                           still being bred with tumors.