Ruby had her puppies on Jan. 30,2018,  Zephyr taken by Kaitlin & Tim

 Tucker  with Jullian                     Cody by Yvonne

 Bonnie loved by Cheri & TomBlue by Dana and Family

 Lil one..loved by john & Fran




Bambi had her puppies on Feb 9,'18. She has a black tri male, red tri male and red tri female

 Sadie picked by Alicia taken by Ian & Sophie

 taken by Mary ann & Family



Stunning blue merle male, mini, sired by Tonka available. two black tri females available


call owner, Merle looks to small mini, tris toys.  ALL SPOKEN FOR





Liza had 2 boys on Ap 14,'17        black tri, red tri-

                                                       with blue eye, to be loved by Kayla

                                                       and Brian

                      black tri taken by Jake and Sarah                                                                                                         

Both parents are Int'l Champions







Bambi had a red merle male, blue merle female and a dark red tri female on April 13,17


 taken by Collin 2nd puppy                                                                     taken by Albi

blue merle male spoken for by Anthony & Tammy, their 2nd puppy





Ruby had 4 merle puppies on April 4,'17

 1blue female, res by Kristeny


 taken by Ron & famil  Harliquin red female, res by Danielle

  red merle male: taken by Jennifer







Timber had 7 puppies onFeb 5, '17 spoken for by Winnie

 Jackson, reserved by Regina and Atticus   spoken for by Jill, her 2nd

                                                                                                                                                                          puppy from us

taken by Sean & Natalia  spoken for by Tricia


..Nino, owned by Nitile, suprise for her  r 2nd puppy from us by Jean






 Dixie had 3  puppies on Oct 20, a blue merle male, black tri male, both full collare and lots of white

and a black tri female with a spot on her neck of white and white blaze and legs.

blue merle reserved by Steve, will keep his tail

black tri male spoken for by Kathy   

 taken by Rachael and family









Ruby had 6 puppies on April 20 'taken by Ellen and david

 taken by Judy. res. by Jennllie

 spoken for, Paige taken by April

 taken by Alice






Dixie had her puppies on March 24. '16  Bailey,spoken for by Silvia

 Josh took her  spoken for by Paul

 Finley spoken for by Sara Leo, reserved by Stacey