How To find a good dog breeder                                                            

You have decided to get a purebred puppy and you know enough NOT  to
go to a pet shop where the puppies come from puppy mills.  This page
will help you decide  how to find  the best breeder for your next best friend.

 A good breeder will keep their dogs in their home, not in a kennel
     outside, away from everyone.

Has dogs that are happy and healthy and are excited to meet new
    people, and do not shy away from visitors.

Encourages you to spend time with the puppy and the parents (at
       least the mother).

Only breeds one breed, and is knowledgeable about the 'breed
       standard', the desired characteristics of the breed.

 Shows you health records and explains the medical history and
    what shots your puppy will need.

Explains in detail the potential genetic problems in the breed. (all
       breeds have some) and provide proof  that the parents have been
  Offers guidance for caring and training you puppy, and is available
       for assistance after you take the puppy home.

Feeds high quality dog food.

  Is involved with national club that specialize in the breed.  Most
       will show in either conformation or obedience classes.

Encourages multiple visits to see the puppies.

  Provides a written contract and health guarantee.

Does not do Merle to Merle breeding.

 Most breeders now offer micro-chipping, or encourage you to
         have this done.

The breeder will request things of you also. Encourage you spay/
           neuter pet puppies unless wanting a show dog.

 Sign a contract that the dog will be returned to breeder if unforseen
     thing happen and you are unable to keep the dog at any point in
     the dogs life.

 If the breeder does not meet these minimun criteria, the Humane
     Society of the United States advises you walk away.  It is well
     worth investing time now to ensure you are working with reputable
     breeder as your puppy will be around for 10 -15 years. No good
     breeder sells thru pet shops.  They want to insure good, forever
     homes for their dogs.

                            Dad & pups      


     He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

                           You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours,

                            faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

                            You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.