Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most important decisions
  a person can make.  It is a commitment for 10-15 years of caring
  and responsibility for another life.
First- all puppies from us can be micro-chipped and owners are    encouraged to register them as quickly as possible.
Second- all owners are encouraged to keep in touch with us so that
 is any questions arise, we can assist with any issues.
Third-Probably the most important thing we do is our commitment
 to early socialization and matching with new family.  We follow
 the Pat hastings puppy socialization and using the puppy puzzle.
Fourth-To make the transfer easier, we begin house training as soon
as possible, using the wee-wee pads, then, weather permitting, outside.
At 5 weeks we begin crate training. We feel every dog should be
 trained, as you never know when you might need this.  I do not
leave in crate for extended periods of time. They do not 'live in
 a crate'.
 They will go for  car rides, with a trained dog. so they learn proper riding. They will
 have time alone from littermates, this helps to insure they are
 not relying on littermates,and make the transition to new home
Fifth- they will be vaccinated for their age, wormed also.  They will
have nails clipped, groomed on table.  Very used to handling.
Sixth- No puppy leaves before 8 weeks of age.  You get health record.
 If needed, puppy will be tested for the MDR1 gene.  You will get
food, favorite toys and some rewards for your continued training.
 Seventh- You will get registration papers for ASDR or NSDR. You will know if
 full registration or limited.
 Eigth- We can offer pediatric spaying and neutering for your pet
 puppy.  We have a vet that will do this. The cost is paid by you.
  We will keep him/her until ready to go, usually only a few days.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of our puppies to anyone, at any time.

 our puppies at play.

 Pauline helping Koda learn tunnel.

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