Gidget congratulates her puppy by Tonka on becoming IABCA
 International Champion. Way to go Pauline..thanks Gidget (and Tonka)
 for giving us such a great puppy. 2010 litter

  Sadie from 2013 litter

Gidget is retired from being a mom. She was a great one. Time for her to be spoiled even more. Thanks for lovely puppies.


Justalittle Smidgen  She is our first toy Aussie female. 

       her toy
HC:n/n clear    MDR1:n/M1  puppies tested, both n/n clear
PRCD- negative

Gidget is 11" and 9.5 pounds.  She is quite the lady.  Loves to ride in car and go
any where we want.       loves toys


Here they are at 63 days        


  this is Pauline  looks like a keeper

      Tanglewood I'm a Diva And I know it

 Gidget and Pauline  7 years old

 loves her buiskets @8 years old.

Gidget is retired from breeding and a loved pet. She crossed the Rainbow bridge in Nov. 2019.