We had our first litter in 16 years.  They were born on Christmas Day, 2009.  Dam is our Isabelle,

sire is Jackson.  Jackson is now living in Va.  We had such a good time with these puppies.  they were

so easy to train.  All found lovely forever homes with great families.  Below are pics of them when

they were with us, and some in their new homes.  One, Dancer, is a therapy dog. 


                                 The biggest and most important commitment a breeder can make is to take

                                        responsibility for the lives they produce.  WE DO.


Isabelle 16"  Jackson  12 1/2"




  Many thanks to the really nice people who are giving our puppies such 

  wonderful forever homes.  Probably not the easiest purchase you ever

   made.  We care where our critters go, and you all passed all my questions.

    I met wonderful families with great kids.
                                                                                                            Dash with the boys

  Here is Jackson in his new home, looks like he is spoiled and
   very happy.    

                  Thank you Stacey for giving Jack such a wonderful life.