Before I was born........  

        My parents were health & temperament tested.    

           My breeder studied pedigrees for a very long time. 

              My breeder fed my parents a healthy diet.

                 They were kept in the home with my breeders and treated

                                very well.

                  They had me in their thoughts & loved me. 

      I was born due to much planning & care.

                 Testing is done on all of our dogs.  

                                   Responsible breeders for responsible dog ownership 


                Pauline wants her blanket

                          TOY AUSSIES FROM TANGLEWOOD

  Years ago, Tanglewood was home to Miniature Pinschers
 that we showed and enjoyed. We had many champions and started the chocolates  in
this country.  In 1980 we started to show Appaloosa horses and again have had many
champions.  We still are showing them, to a bit lessor degree.

    In 2009 we were introduced to the Toy aussies and fell in love with the large array
 of colors and sizes.  We had a litter of Mini Aussies in 2009, our first litter in 16 years.
  The puppies were so much fun to have and raise,  we decided to get more involved
 with the Toys.  Our first one that we showed finished his IABCA championship
and we met so many lovely people that we decided to start a very small breeding
program specializing in this size, up to 14".  Most will be smaller. Toys are 10"-14". 

We had our our first toy litter in Dec 2010.  The dam is Justalittle Smidgen, an
11" red merle with the greatest personality, sired by Tonka, who has never met a
stranger. He is so outgoing and showy, the judges loved him.  Some of the judges
comments are ' upbeat showmanship', 'lovely balance and personality' , 'good
attitude', 'very nice baby dog', 'good ring presence'. In his first show he won 2 group 
firsts, and  two group seconds under the 4 judges.

Please check our puppy pages to see what we have to offer to great homes.

All of our dogs are on this site.  We have none ' hidden away'. We have

only a few dogs and are proud of them and what we have produced.

As to the measuring of our dogs: all are measured by a Wicket.  You will not find one advertised

as 10" then come and find out it is well over that size.  I have been to breeders and saw one

advertised as 10" and it towered over my 11" Pauline.  Puppies grow so differently so it

is hard to be exact as to adult size. We try our best in the mature size of your puppy.


   more pics of Tonka       

                                                                   who could resist this lovely puppy???

  We are located in western New Jersey.          

  We are proud memembers of ASDR ,TASAA, IABCA,NAKC (formaly Rarities).

                            Never be afraid to try something new..
                            Remember an amatuer built the Ark,
                            professionals built the Titanic.


   running free  this is the                            
                                                                 temperament of our dogs.  This is 
                                                                 Shyann, two different litters of puppies,
                                                                 none are hers.  Just a love, as are all
                                                                 our dogs.








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